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Statistics and dIagnostic Graphs for High Throughput Screening data

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SIGHTS is a suite of normalization methods, statistical tests, and diagnostic graphical tools for high throughput screening (HTS) assays.
HTS assays use microtitre plates to screen large libraries of compounds for their biological, chemical, or biochemical activity.


SIGHTS is available as a Bioconductor R-package. Import your HTS data, run diagnostics, try out normalization methods, plot, test and get your results.


Check out our documentation. Or open a GitHub issue.

Authors & Correspondence

Elika Garg (@eg-r), Carl Murie, Robert Nadon
Contributor: Heydar Ensha (@heyensha)
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Murie et al. (2015). Improving detection of rare biological events in high-throughput screens. Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 20(2), 230-241.